Using find

When not using ack, my favorite search tool, you can still exclude SVN folders. Here is an example of me looking for a file: $ find . -not \( -name .svn -prune \) -name ‘EosController*’ ./web/models/controllers/EosController.php ./web/models/controllers/EosControllerTest.php This mode of expression might be better for your scripting needs.

Workstyle: Add vendor tests before using new library code

Hello again. Here is a snag-resolving article about a maintenance problem. There should be a thick volume called “Web Maintenance Pearls”, which everyone should be forced to read. Here’s the situation: You want to throw out a dependency. It’s an older JavaScript library, and you have a replacement lined up. Some plugin for a popular […]

Thank you, MacPorts: How to add OpenSSL support to your PHP

Many interesting web APIs require SSL, for instance Google’s GData API. This adds OpenSSL support to your MacPorts-installed PHP, so that you can use the “ssl” transport layer: sudo port install php5-openssl Done. Thanks, jmr_mp in the MacPorts IRC channel, for telling me about the existence of this short and neat patch-applying port, so that […]

A regular Tuesday at the Forsk

Tuesday Forsk yesterday, it was awesome. Just great. People were their normal selves, but everyone just had that extra edge of greatness that night. It begun with a minor planning meeting in one corner. Pragmatic. Anna F came by and planned her workshop. StG had worked on his Rbox project, and murmured “Do you want […]