Etching nametags, collection of resources

Looking around for etching stuff. People with machines have a lack of taste. Explanation of what I want to do. Make signs, one for each engineer. I admire his technical skill Envious of these machines a Polish website on laminates have pictures. They mention Rowmark (“Great people, great plastic”. Amazing.) Do you have any thoughts […]

Change ID of a Component in ExtJS

ExtJS: The Component manager instance’s all collection does not let you change an ID of a component. Let’s say… you wanted to, anyway. Add this: Ext.ComponentMgr.all.changeKey = function(oldkey, newkey) { var comp =[oldkey]; var index = this.indexOfKey(oldkey); this.keys[index] = newkey;[newkey] = comp; delete[oldkey]; }; Is there anything really wrong with this approach?

7th Öresund JavaScript Meetup (and the next)

So that was the 7th meetup about JavaScript. We learnt stuff about extending Chrome, that WebKit browser. Mark Wubben taught us. Thanks, Mark! You provided much more than a glorified walkthrough of the extant documentation, you gave us insight into how the workflow feels, and how a finished product can look. That went well. When […]

Peter Stuge of coreboot now blogs

Recently, the word “hacker” has created turmoil where I live. A friend who develops amazing things has written a bit about it. I want to frame his story by this back-and-forth between us: Me: “The Web has enormous reach.” Peter Stuge: “Yes, unfortunately.” In an unthinkable turn of events, this man took up blogging in […]

Free RFID workshop with Forskningsavdelningen

Forskningsavdelningen decided to have a RFID workshop on Thursday (today 27 August 2009), so please come today and bring your rfid tags and readers. As you may know, RFID is a technology used in transportation cards sucha as the new SkÃ¥netrafiken “Jojo”, Stockholm Länstrafik’s “Access”, and the London Underground “Oystercard”, as well as Öresundsbron bridge […]

Kiswahili Add-on for Firefox

Kiswahili (SW) Language Pack, an add-on for Firefox. A while ago I joined a Tanzanian mailing list called eThinkTank Tanzania (no longer online; 2018 update), which sports 1200 subscribers. It’s my source of cool East African IT news. I’ll try to republish good stuff here, and in my Delicious bookmarks feed. Some stories need some […]