Ruby on Rails meetup in Copenhagen

At Reboot, I was at a Ruby on Rails session called “Railways”, hosted by Jarkko Laine. A pleasant talky session which had the ostensible goal of introducing newcomers to old hands, to generate conversation. Danish Railser [Jesper]( summed it up, and he and [Jakob Skjerning]( (“aka Mentalized”, as the Danes will say, not believing you’ll […]

Ruby: Local Club to Join

This WednesdayTuesday, 23th of May 2006, is the second [meeting of SSRUG]( A _Clubb_ for you to join, and meet with other Ruby enthusiasts in the ‘hood. Time: 1900 hours. Place: see the above wiki link. Lennart (of _Lund Agile Languages User Group_ fame) will be there, and we’ll try and get as many heads […]

RubyGems: gem_server

So, you are using some modules for Ruby, in the shape of [gems]( (read [the book](!). You need to read the gem’s docs. Instead of Googling, fire up a local pure-Ruby webserver ([Webrick](, on a custom port, and view the beautiful RDoc pages there, in their web-native shape! Invoke the thing like this: gem_server Then […]

Read a book (Beyond Java, by that kayaker)

This weekend I had some wonderful spare time, and I spent some of it reading [Beyond Java](, a book about the Next Language. (Spoiler: It is [Ruby](, or some cool continuations-based project – read: [Seaside]( with Smalltalk. But you knew that.) The book is chock-full of kayaking metaphors, which got so irritating they became funny. […]

Ruby meetup: A new wiki

Albert set up an Instiki [wiki for the upcoming Ruby meetings]( and you can also sign up there, to add more glitz to the meeting. And then that got old, and “peterj” started a []( wiki, with the same kind of wiki software. We promptly moved our SSRUG, SkÃ¥ne-Sjælland Ruby User Group, to that wiki. […]

DHH handles trollish comments well

Yeah, [Ruby on Rails is 1.0]( Someone comments on the project’s website running PHP: > How’s this deployment of PHP based “RoR website” related to believing in your own technology, I ask? And the project lead answers: > We’re running PHP, Python, Perl, and Ruby on this machine. Picking and choosing for whatever task is […]

ActiveRecord outside of Rails: handy DB-tool

The popular web framework Ruby on Rails has a core part called ActiveRecord. That is the ORM, the object-relational mapper, which lets you use your database records “as objects” in your code. With Rails, ActiveRecord is very powerful, but it’s not that bad on its own either. Here is an example of using it as […]