A regular Tuesday at the Forsk

Tuesday Forsk yesterday, it was awesome. Just great. People were their normal selves, but everyone just had that extra edge of greatness that night. It begun with a minor planning meeting in one corner. Pragmatic. Anna F came by and planned her workshop. StG had worked on his Rbox project, and murmured “Do you want […]

Peter Stuge of coreboot now blogs

Recently, the word “hacker” has created turmoil where I live. A friend who develops amazing things has written a bit about it. I want to frame his story by this back-and-forth between us: Me: “The Web has enormous reach.” Peter Stuge: “Yes, unfortunately.” In an unthinkable turn of events, this man took up blogging in […]

Free RFID workshop with Forskningsavdelningen

Forskningsavdelningen decided to have a RFID workshop on Thursday (today 27 August 2009), so please come today and bring your rfid tags and readers. As you may know, RFID is a technology used in transportation cards sucha as the new SkÃ¥netrafiken “Jojo”, Stockholm Länstrafik’s “Access”, and the London Underground “Oystercard”, as well as Öresundsbron bridge […]