Automate finding misspellings in source code

Typos and misspellings in code can be difficult. Finding them and keeping them out takes vigilance. Lots of mental energy wasted. The misspellings tool written in Python can be installed using pip install misspellings. This tool looks for commonly misspelled words in source code. It has a built-in list of common spelling mistakes. Example: List […]

RuPy 2007, European hacker meetup

Dear hackers: %w(Ruby Python).each {|lang| lang.discuss } Thanks for a great weekend. “I’ll see you on the Internets” has never rung more true than when I and Tomek and Krzysztof hurried out to a waiting taxi (driven by a talkative bard-type, who talked “about nothing” with many words). Now: go empty your camera, upload them […]