Revamping, again

Ha, the blogging. 

WordPress happens much quicker than I can follow it, which is completely wonderful. Quite a few innovations arrived today: a new editing interface, called Gutenberg.

a Malmö.rb logo
for no special reason
other than ease of uploads

The original critical hit table from the ancient roleplaying game Arduin

This is easy. And way more accessible. I might use it, even.

WordPress 2.5 binary review: 1

OK, I can’t shut up about it: it looks just cool. It now has more stuff than I bargained for. Anyone hosting their WP themselves should be upgrading. I guess I’m aiming for a newer theme, to get all the latest freshness on the frontend, too.

As WordPress has progressed, I have dropped plugin after plugin, since the main distribution had them already. Glad for the simplification.

Perhaps all this makes me blog more often, since I like the tool better now.