Rails meetup, tomorrow (29 July)!

Wow, wow, wow. We’ll talk about Rails, we’ll do high-fives, and go to that café. It’ll be fun.

[Jesper](http://justaddwater.dk) raises a few questions in his blog post about Rails thoughts, and in the comments section [Casper Fabricius](http://www.kraftvaerk.net/index.php?id=298) points to stuff he picked up at [RailsConf](http://www.railsconf.org/).

The little, fast Ruby web server [Mongrel](http://mongrel.rubyforge.org/)’s bigger than before. South American Windows hero Luis Lavena’s making huge strides in supporting Win32 with Mongrel every week, it seems. Lurking on the Mongrel email list makes me feel good about Ruby’s deployment future. And, Mongrel lead developer [Zed Shaw](http://www.zedshaw.com/) diligently sat down during this year’s RailsDay and just wrote up [documentation for his work](http://mongrel.rubyforge.org/docs/index.html). Splendid. (You can tell he didn’t update his personal website, but concentrated on the pet project instead.)

Got to get me a server where I can serve with Mongrel. (Added to mental note list.)

On another note: Textmate == my emacs. The twiddle function is Ctrl-t. Harness its p0wer, kids! Makes you a better typist. I installed a full TeX installation, and Lispbox (a working Lisp, pre-configured, for use with [Practical Common Lisp](http://www.gigamonkeys.com/book/)), too, on the Mac.

Update: Still having an encoding wrinkle to sort out with Textmate’s Blogging bundle and my blog. That é in café came out garbled. I’ll keep you informed.

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