PolyConf 2015 Travelogue

Dear reader, this whole note is a travelogue.

Flight finished. Able to avoid the coffee, which I think they even ask 20 DKK for. Their bottled water was better.

Spied @chvest (business card title: “Dragon Keeper”) and @jankrag (“Continuous Improvement Engineer”) at the baggage claim. Rode a cab with them to our hotel. Told them a story about how C and I’d seen John Hughes at this airport six months before. And, damn it, I think I saw him through a glass wall today, too.

Having arrived at Hotel Ikar, I found the wifi connection, and C went to sleep immediately. Power-napper, while I unpack, and log a little in my Leuchtturm1917 notebook.

Oh, a matrix of dots! I have the plain version, with only the page number.

Someone claimed there was a pre-conference event (aka sponsored open bar) at seven o’clock. (Web searching.) Oh, I see the sponsor is the Nukomeet company (with Alban and Zaiste in it) and that the event is not far from my location. Perhaps sleep will have to wait.

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