Hello world!

So there, new blog. Gotta set one up for the darling, too. These things are ne-e-at. Online everything, and neat interface to edit and create stuff. This is the kind of software that gets everyone going, creating [graphics](http://wiki.wordpress.org/Templates%20or%20Themes%20List) ([here, too](http://www.alexking.org/index.php?content=software/wordpress/styles.php)) and [plugins](http://wiki.wordpress.org/Plugin) (yeah, an API for plugins, too!). I am thrilled.

See you.

By the way, the old blog is still up and about at its [old location](http://olle.1av10.nu/cgi-bin/blosxom), ’cause in the magic words of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, “cool URIs don’t change“.

Update: Now one is set up for [the darling](http://carbonelli.dk/luisa/blog/wp-login.php). Go look at it, you.

If you come here often, read my lines, then gimme a comment, now that the software correctly supports it. The server is now in Vanløse, Copenhagen (Denmark, duh), and run by the relentless, incomparable, supreme [Peter B](http://pe.ter.dk/).

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