Back home!

I am back in Copenhagen, at my desk. Back? Yes, for the last 14 days, me and my wife have been in transit: Sweden, Finland, and Estonia have been well visited. I should type up a real report on this, but Everyday Life (that lovely thing) makes me focus on getting back on track again. […]

Nitro: A Rails contender?

I copy-edited [a Nitro article]( on using the fulltext search index facility [TSearch2]( for [Postgres]( (Smart way to read an article slowly enough to let all of it seep in.) [Nitro]( is an MVC web framework written in Ruby. “For Web2.0”, you know. Interested Nitro neophytes can head over to [Oxyliquit](, the Nitro Q&A website, […]

Textmate’s becoming my emacs

I am now typing this from [Textmate](, the Mac-only text-editing tool. I’m mighty pleased with Textmate, and now that [Tobias]( pointed me to its Blogging bundle, more of my blogging will be done like this, from my favorite editor. *Update:* Trouble hit me with the tagging part. Perhaps the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin and the […]

Word of the day: caltrop

I’m a word guy. Today I name my first Word of the day: [Caltrop]( There. In Swedish: fotangel (foot-anglers?). Luisa told me the Danish word: partisansøm (partisan nail). Danes get cooler words. Oh, my home country gets a shoutout in the Wikipedia article above: > Caltrops have been used by criminals in some countries to […]

Microformats, from your blog

So, you write about an upcoming event, so that your readership will know about it. Some read it, some miss it. The online event aggregators never heard about your weblog, and when they scanned it, they saw nothing but regular HTML. [Structured Blogging]( has the tools to help those aggregators. By enhancing your “Write Post” […]

Reboot8: Now done

Whew. The web-and-other-things conference [Reboot]( is over for this year. I attended, this my second year, with some notion of what to expect. Meeting people again was a hit. I got to meet Flash guy and music composer [Niko Nyman]( of Helsinki, and many other HKI folks. [Jyri Engeström]( was wearing thin-golden-rimmed glasses which made […]