Call of Cthulhu Rules Booklet: free download

Now, I could tell you how cool it was in Rome.

Or, how much work I’m doing right now.

But, I have no time for that, now is the time to report about Chaosium publishing a free rules booklet as a PDF download.

Their idea is to convert the masses into buying products from the Call of Cthulhu line. All is well. Then I downloaded a PDF and found it lacking… todayness. It was like being given a scan of a MERP module.

Is that worthy of such a company? Woe the current day! Lo, the day when Pagan Publishing were at their peak. Heard a sad rumour that only the director is still with the company. I recently lent all my Pagan books to Sune, a true aficionado who fills two meters of shelfspace with just GURPS books. A regular bibliophile, just with role-playing game books. He was stricken with enthusiasm at the sight of the books.

**The former snide remarks about employees at Pagan have now been removed. I regret that text was ever typed.**

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