Bruce Lee and Yip Man

Is this Yip Man, training Bruce Lee? (Is that the correct spelling?) Or are they just some dudes trying to unglue their forearms.

Edit: Yes, that is the right spelling. Read about Yip Man’s life.

Note to casual readers: this is what the thing that Tomas in Malmö calls WT, Wing Tsun, looks like. Corny? Maybe. Effective? I guess so.

The guys at the above link on Yip Man look so *tough*. Master Pan Nam of Foshan, depicted here, has the killer eyes of someone who can soundly whip anyone’s ass.

Master Pan Nam of Foshan - Master of Wing chun

Edit again: I found a lineage, in which I can find Tomas’ teacher. Search for Denmark in there, and you’ll see Allan, the Danish master. Cool.

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