Nikolaj is living through tags

[Nikolaj Nyholm](, a Copenhagen resident, alpha geek and a guy who seems to rack up Frequent Flier points like crazy, blogs about “Living through tags”, a rather fine extension of using and other tagging services as a “data context” for places you are going or living in.

> New (temporary) subscriptions today: vesterbro (well, I’ll keep that one permanent), foocamp, “new york”+”september 18” (classydee and morten – we better get going), and sebastopol.

This way you can **subscribe to all the recent links with the tag of your choice**.

I met Nikolaj briefly at the Reboot7 conference in Copenhagen, and Peter Rukavina hung out with him. (It turns out in a blog comment that we both [adore the same coffee machines]( Nikolaj was one of the men behind the conference, and from the stage he introduced all presentations – with some aplomb, actually.

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