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Just found an old unblogged note from August 27:

Today I went for a run in Fælledparken, with my training buddy, PM. This is a completely new experience for me: sports that I have elected to perform myself.

I’m beat! Exhausted. Sweating.

We ran from my house to the park, footfalls synchronized. After a couple of minutes, I felt an onrush of endorphines.

I had to stop for air a few times during the 4 km run, when the pace was too much for me. I just ran out of air. And my legs were killing me.

The body comes into its own again after 48 hours. So, I can run again on Tuesday, at the earliest. But I guess Wednesday is better. When the running season ends, I’ll swim, and there are such facilities nearby.

My training buddy is a kayaker and a programmer (!) and he knows all about how the human body reacts to training. You know, “results”. “Give it 2-3 months of a couple of running sessions a week, and you’ll be at a local max. From there you can get further only by using interval training.” In ordinary words, “interval training” means “running an extra lap at full speed.” PM does that. After running a lap, I’m completely, utterly beat.

Today, some time later, I ran the same course, in the park, on my own. Quantity, and lung capacity, that’s the order of the day here.

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  1. You might want to try to run on something other than asphalt/concrete. A softer platform might not be so hard on your legs (less pain).

  2. Waay, good on you! I started running 4 months ago – took me about a month to get to a point where I decided how and when to increase the length/speed (rather than be dictated by my weak form). I am still nowhere near where I want to be, but I’ve actually done 10 km – check it out:

    (^gmap = nice. I’m still waiting for Brodersen to implement something similar on

  3. Oh, comments.

    I should hasten to add: I got me real running shoes, now. And also: we run on park lanes, just gravel and dirt, no hardtop there.

    I did some running yesterday evening, around 5-6 km, and some of it was on asphalt or equivalent. Good shoes really help, there. Pushing the last part of my run as a sprint is fun when I have good shoes on. You really get the extra oomph out of your athletic session.

    Munkholt, we should have a run sometime.

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