Ruby rockstars in Copenhagen, again

Cph.rb had one more visiting rockstar. Thanks for coming, folks, and thanks for presenting, Obie! Update: Jesper‘s photos.

We did the most of Kassen as an impromptu conference space. There were a large table of guys from Cph.rb, and I got to meet well-known faces, hear some rumours, yammer on about Erlang (my programming language tourist experience of the week), and meet new Ruby folks from Copenhagen.

After some initial hanging out, Obie announced he was going to re-run his JAOO talk. JAOO is that Aarhus conference, “OO stands for object-oriented”. VNC woes made things hard with “sending the presentation across the table”, but we all huddled around Obie, and “shoulder-surfed” as he fired off a version of his Agile talk. It was good, many nice personal pictures. Some were really great explanations of what working in an agile office is like.

Microfacts on Obie:

  • He’s as tall in real life as you’d expect
  • Your beard style my vary (YBSMV)
  • He plays keyboard a little bit, and has made public some of his music

All in all, a great guy. Maybe you had to be there.

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