Oh, that roleplaying game convention is just amazing. Even though I underscheduled this year, to have more time to meet with people, I had things to be done all the time, it seemed.

Schmoozed with amazing folks. All the folks were wonderful, but Claus J (and his media student friend), and Frederik J (who works at a company with 100+ APL programmers, imagine that) are people that I will phone and force to come and play games. Fredrik (of Jeepen and NBH) said that we will now congregate every Wednesday, to play games. I hope I can make good on that, this time.

Me and Tobias railed against awards (if not the ceremonial dinners that accompany them). It was interesting then, that Tobias & Frax’s Tvivl won 2 Otto awards (Best Story & The Jury Special Prize).

A serious story about love. About that a shared look can stop time. About daring to love and daring to go forward.

Doubt is two stories, that are about each other. A life, and a theatre play. Tom and Juliet love each other. Both on stage and in private. It is about temptations. About the meaning of loving and being loved. About choosing each day. About becoming one with another person, but dreaming about others at the same time.

In Doubt, the players will take responsibility for the story. Decide Tom and Juliet’s future. Play the play to the end. Two players play Tom, and two players play Juliet. And supporting cast. And extras. And lovers.

A fine little love scenario.

I game-mastered Tvivl, and I sucked. I was so nervous and useless that I had to break. Then I had some water and ran the game. (My nervousness had made the game late, but a John-TV shoot that had started in our room made us 10 minutes later. Irritating.) My players were amazing, and kept getting better, and I was shocked back to leading the game. They were stunning.

When we were done, the players gave some great feedback on how to make the start sequence simpler and more intuitive.

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  1. Hey Olle
    Sure nice talking to you again, though it should be more offen then every other Fastaval! Looking forward to the forced gaming, so I’ll hold you up to it…
    You can see my email-address when I post this, right?


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