The short stories of Alistair MacLeod, and the difficulty of communication

Having read a handful of Alistair MacLeod short stories on the plane: he describes a hard life of the people of Atlantic Canada’s fisheries, mines and farms. Some of these stories hit you right in the feels. Literature is wonder. On the way to Canada, I read the very meta novel The Hour of the […]

Bryan Cantrill rereads Soul of a New Machine and has excellent comments

I talked to people about blogging this weekend. Words like The Golden Age of blogging were used. (That era passed, if you hadn’t noticed.) Is it quizzical to want to have the kinds of slow, async conversation blogging can offer? Is it tilting at windmills to just do it anyway? Even if my interlocutor group […]

Fantasy Cartography

The conference, oh unconference, had sessions on diverse topics such as “Phone nerding”, “Death CafĂ©” and “Coastal preservation”. These were proposed during an agenda session, placed in a matrix on the wall, and ta-da, that’s our schedule. The second day (today, Saturday) will have the DO theme. In a spirit of sharing, and stressing the […]

Retro games

On you can see their re-issues of Retro Games.  That is: Games re-published in the past few years, for the Colecovision platform. Also, this charming Jeff Minter (Llamasoft) game: I learned about this because I follow amazing programmer and writer Jess Frazelle on social media. You should follow her sometimes-updated weblog. If you like. […]