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Hi again. Today I had coffee after work with Ola E, who’s blogless, but wants to start “unblogging”. He said something to this effect: “I want to blog, but not with a blog, I want to write down what I’ve done, and what worked, what I misunderstood, and so on. Like a wiki, but not a wiki. Structured, in a way.”

Could a more-structured Tumblelog do it? Lavish your ideas on Ola in the comments section, please.

While sipping coffee (in a so-so coffee shop at St. Knuts Torg, Malmö) we solved a few of the world’s problems:

Local media needs to celebrate Open Source folks and Web entrepreneurs. Here is a story I would want to read in the paper: area man Karl Wettin recently became a committter of stable search project Apache Lucene and its hot-hot-hot sub-project Apache Mahout project. Both are Apache projects, one of Open Source’s big bazaars of collaboration. Kalle’s hit the big time. What if that were news in our local papers? Publish those stories, please.

Networked data storage for the Mac “prosumer”: Is there a good SAN that works with OS X? Apple’s answer: XSan 2 at $999. Turning the problem around, Ola suggested buying a Bubba server. Then just using existing simple technologies like rsync to run backups. So, use a NAS instead of a SAN.

The upcoming Hackmeetup needs some marketing. I’m going to make a printable PDF. I called a friend who’s worked at a local university, and he gave some vague pointers as to where I should post such bills. He also promised to introduce me to teachers there, who could let it be known that Hackmeetup exists. Or, perhaps the myth-making is better?

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  1. “Blog but not a blog, wiki but not a wiki” makes me think of Martin Fowler and his bliki ( Wikipedia obviously has a helpful listing of software that supports blikis on

    It’s an idea that I’ve been considering myself, but never quite got around to doing.

    (By the way, forcing your users to modify the page with Firebug to remove the style=”display: none” on the comment-personaldetails div (name, email and website fields) is an interesting new way to prevent comment spam. ;)

  2. It took a while to find it, since I’m using the K2 theme, but with the hint you gave with the div’s ID it got simpler.

    Turns out they have a OnLoadUtils() function which hides the “personal details” section, but there were functions to slide it up and down, but those seem like they don’t apply to WP 2.5 – I guess an upgrade is imminent. I’ll stay lazy, now that my form works.

  3. …and by the way, start using a Gravatar, it’s free nowadays. That’s what the email field is for, really.

  4. I love my ReadyNAS box … it’s an appliance, it’s low-noise, doesn’t use a lot of power and still gives me RAID 5 and boatloads of features.

    And yes, it’s hackable :P

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