The Swedish Wikipedia is large. Outsized. Most things are well in hand. Today I met with something which needs an article! The concept of “majgreve”, which means “the Count of May”; a ceremonial feast title given someone worthy. The tiny preview of the NE (“the national encyclopedia”) notes that the term was used in the Danish cultural sphere. Tantalizing. 

Given to whom? Why? What did the ceremony or feast entail? 

All questions. 

So, now I call on folkloric experts and medievalists to right this wrong: we must have a majgreve article. 

2 Replies to “Majgreve”

  1. You don’t need experts, you only need yourself!

    I’d always laboured under the misconception that I needed to be an expert about something to contribute to Wikipedia about it, but because the bedrock of Wikipedia is rigorous sourcing, I realized that all you need to do is survey the sources and assemble a distillation.

  2. I recognize the word, but I don’t know from where. So perhaps a helpful librarian might help us uncover more about this word?

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