Keith’s retro computers

I walked upstairs in the office I work in this week and I met familiar faces, people who knew my name since a long while. A good feeling, being somewhere and being recognized.

An Amiga 2500, with a peripheral to read disk images off a USB drive.
A fancy C-64 set-up.
Some of these are rare. The VIC 20 ENCYCLOPEDIA, or whatever it was, had a list of all the components in the machine. Complete with the name of the maker and a description of its function.

I was shown the collection. How some items were handed over in exchange for “a bottle of iced tea” or for another vintage computer. The collection was focused. A VIC 16, black. A TRS-80. VIC Cartridges.

I related a bit of the local scene. Gubbdata. Linus Ã…kesson.

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