Blog software: bBlog and Snurf

A PHP implementation called [bBlog]( is [Smary]( Neat. Look also at [Snurf](, which is a Python-based blogging system. Snurf’s designer calls attention to [a W3 document]( about problems any blog designer, or CMS designer could run into. He also [points out in a blog entry]( the problems he had with bBlog, what made him hack […]

Accessible FORMs

The article [“An Accessible Method of Hiding HTML Content”]( shows some problems with screen readers, that is tools for those with visual disabilities. When creating websites for *everyone*, the small things matter.

Hello world!

So there, new blog. Gotta set one up for the darling, too. These things are ne-e-at. Online everything, and neat interface to edit and create stuff. This is the kind of software that gets everyone going, creating [graphics]( ([here, too]( and [plugins]( (yeah, an API for plugins, too!). I am thrilled. See you. By the […]