Arduino news today: New webstore and a new book

Blushing Boy, a web shop for sellers and buyers. Of home-made and self-designed Arduino electronics. And its ilk. It’s Malmö-based. This is awesome stuff. You can buy a Smapler there. Programming Interactivity: A Guide for Processing, Arduino, and OpenFrameworks, 1st Edition as a Rough Cut. Their pricing model is interesting – if you’re very curious, […]

FYI: RAD (Ruby+Arduino) MIDI bounty

A quickie, I found this very interesting. I want to have happened, already: Ruby Arduino MIDI bounty. Ain’t it cool? He is enticing you and me with some undefined hardware bounty. And pointing to GitHub as the place where you should upload your RAD-compatible MIDI library. Note to self: RAD uses some language transformations to […]