Introducing the end of comment spam: Jobolito Turing Test

**w00t!** Putting an end to comment spam troubles. Now, this website sports new technology to combat the lurid zen-like spam comment messages that accompany URLs to poker and gambling websites, namely Jonas Bohlin‘s great freely available WP plugin called Jobolito Turing Test. Jonas says:

This plugin distinguishes beetween human posters and machine posters. It does this by creating an image with a random code (an md5 hash) and obfuscating the text. The text can, in most cases, be read by human being but not by machines.

So, as seen on the internet, Jonas brings us the clever **obfuscated text in an image**, for the potential commenter to interpret and type into a text field. Thus, the commenter’s humanity proved and all right, the comment will land in the database. If not, nothing will be posted on the site, and some wicked quip about not being a human being is displayed. Handy!

Inside sources says the creator of the plugin not fully content with it yet, and that he is planning to change the way the image looks, to render it *even more* impervious to sophisticated spam attacks. WordPress stops comment flooding by default, by setting a time limit on comments: only one comment per ten seconds. Jonas Bohlin’s new plugin strengthens this protection further.

As for future development, he personally intimated that a configuration file was in the planning stages, so as to make the plugin more accessible to the rest of us.

Published by Olle Jonsson

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