Spam control: some choice words now blacklisted

*Public announcement:* Should anyone like to announce anything in the comments section about female breasts, in a colloquial manner, stay away from using the word “boobs”. I just blacklisted it. Use your imaginations. Also, should you want to discuss females with a homosexual orientation, then refrain from the commonplace word “lesbian”, since this also got […]

Microformats, from your blog

So, you write about an upcoming event, so that your readership will know about it. Some read it, some miss it. The online event aggregators never heard about your weblog, and when they scanned it, they saw nothing but regular HTML. [Structured Blogging]( has the tools to help those aggregators. By enhancing your “Write Post” […]

Delicious: Re-use of metadata

I have now added even more stuff to that bloated sidebar of mine. Perhaps you also have a delicious feed, and a WordPress blog? [Grab this plugin]( to get started. The folks at have made it really simple to use their data. Just look at [their documentation of their HTML feeds]( > HTML feeds […]

WordPress Plugins Database

For Mac folk out there, Peter Rukavina has made a screencast about using the service with a couple of loosely coupled applications Mac OS X. For bloggers, and WordPress users foremost, there are many plugins to choose from. I’m choosing something from the WordPress Plugins Database, but I shall do some reading on […]