Danish social workers patch the system

[Loftsramte Eksperter](http://loftsramteeksperter.dk/) (Experts hit by the ceiling) is a beautiful hack of the social welfare system in Denmark. Hacked by great people, social workers, who make sure the folks on welfare do not get their checks “light”.

> Vi vil gerne høre, hvad eksperterne har at sige om loven, og hvem er større eksperter på feltet end de loftsramte?

> Eksperterne vil selvfølgelig modtage et passende honorar for deres udtalelser – at honoraret har en størrelse, sÃ¥ eksperterne lige præcis gÃ¥r fri af loftet, er blot en heldig sidegevinst.

The bug in the system is: if you do not work 300 hours a year, your checks will be even smaller. And it ain’t like the State is handing out jobs to fill those hours with. They just place a new requirement. So, the poor get poorer. A poverty-generating policy.

The elegant hack: the association **Loftsrame Eksperter buys an “expert quote” on poverty in Denmark** today from someone hit by this “ceiling” on their welfare checks. That way a full month’s worth of the 300 hours is fixed. Hence, the “ceiling rule” does not come into play.

(Via newly-graduated social worker Katrine Cederstrand (who has yet to start blogging).)

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  1. Cool, and they finance it from donations from who? It would surely be a cool hack if they finance it themselves, via donations, and each take turns doing the month of “work”.

    Hack the system :P

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