Web hacking Øresund, a local computer get-together

Folks, I live in Malmö, Sweden. Update: Web Hacking Oresund web page.

And I like hanging out, making stuff. So, I set up a Facebook group called “Web Hacking Øresund”. (yeah, yeah, silo-of-content, and all, I’ll go and set up an Upcoming Event for it, instead).

The concept: meet up, checking out the stuff you’ve saved up to check out. Do stuff.

Last time, which was the first, we looked at C64 conversions of PC demos. Wild stuff. Processing, the graphics programming environment (basically NodeBox for Java) was installed and fiddled with. Some Web stuff was demoed, but our focus was on getting to know each other, make our interests known. A Clubbe, simply.

We later adjourned the meeting for a quiet pilsner in a nearby café.

Things went well, plans were hatched. Next meetup will be about starting stuff, possibly getting to know more about text-mining. Or math. Or Apache projects. Or ExtJs. Or something else.

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Olle is a programmer, enjoying sunny Malmö in Sweden.

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