JRuby to support \K escape sequence in

Allow me to celebrate the JRuby team (and nearby efforts) in that the next patch release of it will include \K as a regular expression special character. This GitHub Issue was just closed with a resolution in the Joni library: https://github.com/jruby/jruby/issues/4871 Its support is in a little select company, randomly listed at StackOverflow, which has […]

WideFinder in Io: it’s now too late

A Swede made the first WideFinder implementation in Io: Ragnar Dahlén. The results were informative, but not performant. Io can not compete just there, just yet. Me and Thorbiörn were conspiring last week to implement WideFinder, but we got waylaid by… distractions. The distractions were speculative, lazy, and touched on different OCamls. Like this: “We […]

Hack-a-thon, in my town!

More groups of people who want to fiddle with opensource software: Hackaton.se. They have an event in Malmö, at a school, 23-25 november. Just to let you know, so you can spread the word. I’ll write more when I know more. Update! An attentive reader, also being the organizer of the upcoming event emailed me, […]

Web hacking Øresund, a local computer get-together

Folks, I live in Malmö, Sweden. Update: Web Hacking Oresund web page. And I like hanging out, making stuff. So, I set up a Facebook group called “Web Hacking Øresund”. (yeah, yeah, silo-of-content, and all, I’ll go and set up an Upcoming Event for it, instead). The concept: meet up, checking out the stuff you’ve […]

Visited a gamefest: Nordic Game Jam 2007

Copy-party (or less aggressively, and perhaps more descriptively “demo-party”), that was the name of a weekend of mildly Dionysian digital festival here in Northern Europe during the late 80s and the 90s. *Update:* Danish radio DR1’s show Harddisken has Frederik Berg Olsen’s radio programme about NGJ07. FBO had a tape recorder with him, and made […]