Superfish, activated on click

Update: Fixed link to patch. Thank you, helpful commenters! You fix the Web!

Or, onclick, as people say. (This is Google fodder, so I include alternative spellings of clicking – there I go a third time.) I just want you to know that this one person released a great fix, a patch really, for Superfish. Superfish? Oh, it’s like a better Suckerfish. Still gibberish? There’s a website with examples of this fine menu.

Patch to make onClick activation happen. The mysterious jardeeq includes friendly instructions on how to upgrade one of your Superfish files to make this work. (I tracked that person down, and sent fanmail.)

Once, the Swedish monarch, talking about unemployed people, uttered the words: “People should not expect fried sparvar to fly into their mouths.” Sparvar, it turns out, is a Swedish folk word, a non-Linneaus grouping of small birds. Closest thing we get in English is passerine. Hardly as snappy.

Today, that fine Czech Open Source patcher sent some fried sparvar into my mouth.

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  1. Awesome! but the page is not found. You know where I can find the code to activate the onClick for the dropdown? Thanks!

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