Workstyle: Add vendor tests before using new library code

Hello again. Here is a snag-resolving article about a maintenance problem. There should be a thick volume called “Web Maintenance Pearls”, which everyone should be forced to read. Here’s the situation: You want to throw out a dependency. It’s an older JavaScript library, and you have a replacement lined up. Some plugin for a popular […]

Change ID of a Component in ExtJS

ExtJS: The Component manager instance’s all collection does not let you change an ID of a component. Let’s say… you wanted to, anyway. Add this: Ext.ComponentMgr.all.changeKey = function(oldkey, newkey) { var comp =[oldkey]; var index = this.indexOfKey(oldkey); this.keys[index] = newkey;[newkey] = comp; delete[oldkey]; }; Is there anything really wrong with this approach?

7th Öresund JavaScript Meetup (and the next)

So that was the 7th meetup about JavaScript. We learnt stuff about extending Chrome, that WebKit browser. Mark Wubben taught us. Thanks, Mark! You provided much more than a glorified walkthrough of the extant documentation, you gave us insight into how the workflow feels, and how a finished product can look. That went well. When […]

Your comments, followed: using coComment

Now, this blog is using [coComment](, to make my blog comments elsewhere visible to you folks, complete with their own RSS feed. (Service is free, simple, etc etc.) Privacy? I missed the JP Rangaswami presentation at Reboot, but it seemed like one the interesting ones (just test it with the surname litmus test: 10/10 – […]

Javascript ate my hamster: Go get Yahoo Event Utility and Firebug

Dustin Diaz tells about Yahoo Event Utility which is the addEvent killer of all time. If you do serious Javascripting these days, please, do yourself a favour, and read that piece. Slowly. You might find drool on your chin afterwards. Then, go get the Event Utility. You owe to yourself. You deserve it. And, be […]