Flickr search plugin for Firefox

The productive Christian Heindel, who created the Plazes .NET launcher has done it again. A Firefox search plugin for public Flickr tags. That means that what I wanted to do before is now very, very easy. And the search for [freeform]( works like it should. [Roleplaying]( yields the same Stockholm pictures, now in more traditional […]

Runestone – Game Development

Ã…rhus-based game developer [Runestone]( is an interesting case of *our guys* using their resources and aiming for the sky. [Greg Costikyan](’s latest call to action in [Escapist]( [Death to the Games Industry, Long Live Games]( might have an answer in the courage of these Danish souls. A game on a smaller budget, with a different […]

Freeform role-playing in dictionary form

[Tobias]( and I have now condensed our thoughts on role-playing in the form of [a wiki](, but that fails to attract others, being hard to read, follow and use. Especially off-line. The solution was to rewite some of the material and to collect it in one, accessible place. We had already bought [](, and set […]

Serious role-playing: Rest in peace

My friend with the great singing voice Tobias takes a historical drive down LARP’s memory lane: Drama exercises is the new costume-making. He chronicles the descent of Swedish LARP “seriousness” (and also defines what that term meant, at the time). (I now see that I need to tag my posts more specifically. LARP could be […]

Skype, friends

Just came back from a conference in Norway. Cold, friends. But very sunny and friendly. Met up with millions of good poeple again, and now we all need Skype, the free (as in beer) phone solution for us who have a computer and a headset. Headsets are cheap, and most laptops already have the microphone […]