Cake PHP framework in alpha

Release announcement for “cake_0.10.0.1217_alpha”, which is more stable than any other release. Most of all, this release is about making the developer experience more cohesive, and “orthogonal”. Method calls and return values look more or less the same everywhere, and when you grok how Cake hangs together, it becomes easier to make web apps. I […]

PEAR news: Validate_DK validates Danish numbers

Rejoice! A PEAR class for Danish numbers is now in alpha: Docs For Class Validate_DK are sparse, but you can see the four methods: * carReg * phoneNumber * postalCode * ssn I like this. One person, in this case Jesper Veggerby Hansen, can make a significant contribution to the Open Source world. [An article]( […]

CakePHP: version .

The rapid development Framework [CakePHP]( yesterday made an [announcement]( that its latest and greatest version ever, the eagerly awaited 0.10, has arrived. This release has a new folder structure, which means that users of the framework will have to fiddle with their existing apps once more to get them up to bleeding-edge status. I started […]