Close and re-open tickets from tests: Fogbugz PHPUnit TicketListener

When working with unit testing in PHP, you might already be using my favorite PHP unit testing tool PHPUnit. If you are, perhaps you’ve heard of the TicketListener interface. No? Then read on. Raphael Stolt closes GitHub issues from his PHPUnit tests. Which is cool. He inspired me. I wrote some code. You can now […]

Thank you, MacPorts: How to add OpenSSL support to your PHP

Many interesting web APIs require SSL, for instance Google’s GData API. This adds OpenSSL support to your MacPorts-installed PHP, so that you can use the “ssl” transport layer: sudo port install php5-openssl Done. Thanks, jmr_mp in the MacPorts IRC channel, for telling me about the existence of this short and neat patch-applying port, so that […]

Calling an XML-RPC method (PHP, Ruby)

Calling web services. Great fun when it works. Thanks to XML-RPC’s simplicity, it’s quite easy to cobble together a working client. Here is me using the Technorati “ping” service, which tells them about the Copenhagen Ruby Brigade’s weblog being updated. And then, prints the result. My PHP take on this looks klutzy. But the request […]

List of local geek communities (work-in-progress)

I talked with a local PHP developer today, who’d seen my blog, and we talked some CakePHP, frameworks, servers, the general state of scripting languages, and so forth. And then we came to the subject of local communities, where developers meet up and talk shop. And, as a Copenhagener, I don’t know very much about […]