Thorn presentation at JAOO

Perhaps your next programming language? Thorn. (A JVM scripting language.) John Field’s talk at JAOO in Ã…rhus 2009 is about that. Here is the interesting blurb from that page: Scripting languages are justifiably popular because of their support for rapid and exploratory development. However, scripts are notoriously hard to compose and to evolve. Additionallly, though […]

New Blog on DSLs: Little Languages

It was made official in the coolest way possible, in a [Lambda the Ultimate post](, that the [ blog]( has begun. DSLs (domain-specific languages) are hip. The weblog “A Fistful of Languages” is a weblog about them. > Here’s where the “Fistful of Languages” blog comes in. This blog aims to address all aspects of […]