Upgrade and upgrading

Luisa just upgraded to the new WordPress version, 1.5 (Strayhorn), and it is so much better than this 1.2 thing. Tobias also runs the 1.5 and I suffer from deep version envy. The comment spam problem should be interesting to look at, as they have just begun using their new 1.5 WordPresses. Has the upgrade removed the possibility of botspamming a WP blog? We live in interesting times.

Am also looking for free software that does this: **Lets you post-it note a PDF**. If you know of some free software that does that, my day is made. If nobody knows about such a piece of software, there is your niche, unknown programmer. Whip out you PDF library of choice and start rebelling against the Adobe hegemony.

And, Sweden has a feminist political party, the feminist initiative. They get my next vote.

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