CakePHP news: Data Bindings v0.1 Example

You might know that I am involved in the [CakePHP framework]( project, and I’m developing web sites with it now.

On the IRC channel today, I was alerted to the existence of the Bindings sister project. Now they have an example up, for all to see. Data Bindings v0.1 Example is a piece of very easy interaction between your PHP and the HTML the user manipulates.

Take a look at the “color box” example – yummy.

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  1. ello m8!

    jag tänkte maila dig men alltså jag är trött ikväll eller nåt för jag hittar ingen mailadress här. hör av dej om du har tid över, jag behöver ställa frågor med en smart människa.

  2. Hi,Olle.excuse me.My english is veary poor.
    I’m learning cakephp.Would you like to give us an integrated example about db_CAL in cakephp? Thank you very much!

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