Delicious: Re-use of metadata

I have now added even more stuff to that bloated sidebar of mine.

Delicious sidebar screenshot with IDs

Perhaps you also have a delicious feed, and a WordPress blog? [Grab this plugin]( to get started. The folks at have made it really simple to use their data. Just look at [their documentation of their HTML feeds](

> HTML feeds are available for users. This is an easy way to add your links to your blog.

(I opted for the “body” shape of the links, so you don’t need to hover the links to see the TITLE attribute in a tooltip.)

The picture shows how Mozilla Firefox’s Developer Toolbar displays the ID and class details of the HTML elements. also gives me nice hooks for my stylesheet, thank you very much.

**Update:** For me to use the HTML feeds from delicious, I had to make them fit the presentation at my site, so I had to wiggle the charset a little, in the delicious.php plugin file. Line 42:

`  $response = utf8_decode(curl_exec($c));`

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