Danish social workers patch the system

[Loftsramte Eksperter](http://loftsramteeksperter.dk/) (Experts hit by the ceiling) is a beautiful hack of the social welfare system in Denmark. Hacked by great people, social workers, who make sure the folks on welfare do not get their checks “light”. > Vi vil gerne høre, hvad eksperterne har at sige om loven, og hvem er større eksperter pÃ¥ […]

Using Google Sitemaps: some free statistics

Google Sitemaps contains some free statistics tools for the website owner. Here’s how to start using them. * You need a Google account. The same as your Gmail account. Don’t have one of those? Just ask me in the comments here, and I’ll “invite” you to this service.) * Go the aforementioned page, and “Add” […]

Prototype grows on me

Usually, these days I add a comment to a Delicious link, building on the mountain of metadata of the commons, but this calls for more verbose plappering: Prototype Meets Ruby: A Look at Enumerable, Array and Hash from the [Encytemedia blog](http://encytemedia.com/blog/), written by Justin Palmer. The [Prototype](http://prototype.conio.net/) Javascript framework implements a lot of the “language […]

Useful Javascript: Prototype for your forms

Proposed subtitle: “Ease into Prototype.” You started using the [Prototype JS lib](http://prototype.conio.net/) everyone was talking about. Everyone was doing AJAX stuff, animating little boxes, and you did not have the time for that. You had a day job. But then one day: a use case appeared. You inserted some stuff in the HTML, in a […]

Blogroll: So close to an Australian word

[Dr Dave](http://homepages.cwi.nl/~dave/): “I have your blog in my blogroll. In Australia, bogroll means toiletpaper.” The reason I write this is that I was chuffed to see that my blog is in Mr Lumpley’s [Anyway](http://www.lumpley.com/) blogroll. I am part of the Conversation, it seems. (Perhaps I should add something to it. But hey, see above, a […]