4th Øresund JavaScript Meetup report

The 4th Øresund JavaScript Meetup was just held at Hypergene‘s Malmö offices, yesterday night. Eight brave souls made the journey to Malmö C and came to Hypergene’s quite fancy offices. After a little pizza snack and introductory conversation, we repaired to a meeting room. Networking was in full swing, in at least three languages, when […]

Free RFID workshop with Forskningsavdelningen

Forskningsavdelningen decided to have a RFID workshop on Thursday (today 27 August 2009), so please come today and bring your rfid tags and readers. As you may know, RFID is a technology used in transportation cards sucha as the new SkÃ¥netrafiken “Jojo”, Stockholm Länstrafik’s “Access”, and the London Underground “Oystercard”, as well as Öresundsbron bridge […]

Oresund JavaScript Meetup tonight

Quoth the Öresund JS meetup locally here: 18.00 – 18.15 Arrive, have some free pizza and soda 18.15 – 18.30 Introduction of members and talk about the future of the group 18.30 – 18.40 Mats Bryntse – How “global” are the modern Ajax frameworks 18.50 – 19.10 Olle Jonsson – Building a Dojo application using […]

Hackmeetup notes: Bubble Bobble theme song on my Arduino piezo

Hackmeetup last night was a new attendance record. It also featured Mark saying “I’m finished with this project!”, again. A Bluetooth scanner project, which was using Rhino to wrap Java APIs, again. There were some new faces, and lots of electronics know-how in the house. I learnt a ton from Micke, who show-cased his company’s […]

Hackmeetup on Javascript mini-report: RFID on Rhino

This past Tuesday, we ran another Hackmeetup. Same great location, same great time. Mark ran a talk about Typography on the Web for an audience of three. For the hardware experimentation session, Carl had left, so it was Mark, me, and David, and we all worked on the same project. Mark had brought a USB-connected […]

EuroPython 2008: My little log

This is an undetailed log of goings-on and other inspiration at EuroPython 2008, which took place in Vilnius, Lithuania (the southernmost of the Baltic countries). Arriving in Vilnius, which has an airport the size of a thimble, we started into the city in a cab. Cab driver tried to upsell some prostitutes. We were more […]

Hack-a-thon, in my town!

More groups of people who want to fiddle with opensource software: Hackaton.se. They have an event in Malmö, at a school, 23-25 november. Just to let you know, so you can spread the word. I’ll write more when I know more. Update! An attentive reader, also being the organizer of the upcoming event emailed me, […]

Copenhagen.rb meeting notes

Update: photos by Pelle. Syndication with AtomPub, APP and GData… and Rails Olle Jonsson “explores” some things you would want to do with Atom… and how Rails enables you to do it. Update: My somewhat confused slides now available (PDF). DHH on ActiveResource …and then I got lucky, and David was able to give us […]