Upcoming meetup poster: active redesigning and customizing

Indulge me. I allowed myself to make a little poster. Öresund JavaScript Meetup #10 on June 14, in Malmö, at Hypergene’s offices. I guess there are a couple of things wrong with it. The date and time are lacking. Monday June 14. At 19.00. The URL says those things. (But people looking at a poster […]

7th Öresund JavaScript Meetup (and the next)

So that was the 7th meetup about JavaScript. We learnt stuff about extending Chrome, that WebKit browser. Mark Wubben taught us. Thanks, Mark! You provided much more than a glorified walkthrough of the extant documentation, you gave us insight into how the workflow feels, and how a finished product can look. That went well. When […]

4th Øresund JavaScript Meetup report

The 4th Øresund JavaScript Meetup was just held at Hypergene‘s Malmö offices, yesterday night. Eight brave souls made the journey to Malmö C and came to Hypergene’s quite fancy offices. After a little pizza snack and introductory conversation, we repaired to a meeting room. Networking was in full swing, in at least three languages, when […]