Copenhagen.rb: September meetup, minor review and or notes

Last night, a Ruby club meet, which was interesting, but the feeling I got was “you hadda have been at RailsConf”. And I wasn’t, so bummer. Informal atmosphere allows one to play with one’s laptop while others are reminiscing: ActiveWarehouse a data warehousing application. Could be very interesting. Funny: me and Isak had said “Let’s […]

Copenhagen.rb meetup: Puppet and fringe activity

Juri presented the amazing Puppet framework for controlling servers. He controls about 20 servers with it. Think of Puppet’s files as “setup Rakefiles for servers” which is version-controlled, monitored, and written in a very terse DSL. Seems slick. Juri might publish his nice slides, who knows. While he was presenting, me and Lars SG were […]

Copenhagen.rb meeting notes

Update: photos by Pelle. Syndication with AtomPub, APP and GData… and Rails Olle Jonsson “explores” some things you would want to do with Atom… and how Rails enables you to do it. Update: My somewhat confused slides now available (PDF). DHH on ActiveResource …and then I got lucky, and David was able to give us […]