Copenhagen.rb: September meetup, minor review and or notes

Last night, a Ruby club meet, which was interesting, but the feeling I got was “you hadda have been at RailsConf”. And I wasn’t, so bummer. Informal atmosphere allows one to play with one’s laptop while others are reminiscing: ActiveWarehouse a data warehousing application. Could be very interesting. Funny: me and Isak had said “Let’s […]

Copenhagen.rb meeting notes

Update: photos by Pelle. Syndication with AtomPub, APP and GData… and Rails Olle Jonsson “explores” some things you would want to do with Atom… and how Rails enables you to do it. Update: My somewhat confused slides now available (PDF). DHH on ActiveResource …and then I got lucky, and David was able to give us […]

Copenhagen.rb loosely coupled

In a comment here, Jesper said: > This may be a good place to mention that Jakob Skjerning set up the [Copenhagen Rails mailing list]( (in Danish). Perhaps it even deserves a blog post. [Jakob]( says (translated from Danish): > We picked the name Copenhagen.rb after some thought. Primarily since it’s a well-spread way of […]

Live report from the meetup (like a true geek)

**Update:** spelling, adding details, names, URLs. Sitting at the Copenhagen meetup, like some kind of backchannel geek. Typing. (There were five wireless networks around me, so I didn’t need the password to the bar where we sit. Quite a nice location, a quiet, loungy upstairs. I guess this post will be updated more than once. […]