Malmo Linux User Group Wednesday pizza meetup notes

I attended a local geek meetup at La Trattoria, at 18:30 this past Wednesday. (map) I can recommend the mozzarella add-on to any pizza. InterSystems Caché® got hard slammed at the meeting. Horrible war stories about that object-oriented database. The guy who told them, Micke, was also a Högskolan i Skövde alumnus. New visitor record, […]

Hack-a-thon, in my town!

More groups of people who want to fiddle with opensource software: They have an event in Malmö, at a school, 23-25 november. Just to let you know, so you can spread the word. I’ll write more when I know more. Update! An attentive reader, also being the organizer of the upcoming event emailed me, […]

Malmo Ho!

Pulling up the pegs, moving tents! Destination: Malmo, Lojtnantsgatan 8b. July 22 is the move day. Very little furniture, some books, some loose junk. Mostly, it’s a social occasion, so come join us. Either on the Malmo, or the Copenhagen side. By the way, if you happen to have a van in need of some […]

Pinter’s political stuff played in Malmö

A friend, who I met via Luisa, just sent me information about the stage design work she has done in the period of time. Keywords are, according to Sarah: Site-specific, literary, installations, video, and an amazing trombone player. So, without much further ado, I hereby inform you, the interested public, that there is great possibility […]