RuPy 2007, European hacker meetup

Dear hackers: %w(Ruby Python).each {|lang| lang.discuss } Thanks for a great weekend. “I’ll see you on the Internets” has never rung more true than when I and Tomek and Krzysztof hurried out to a waiting taxi (driven by a talkative bard-type, who talked “about nothing” with many words). Now: go empty your camera, upload them […]

Live report from the meetup (like a true geek)

**Update:** spelling, adding details, names, URLs. Sitting at the Copenhagen meetup, like some kind of backchannel geek. Typing. (There were five wireless networks around me, so I didn’t need the password to the bar where we sit. Quite a nice location, a quiet, loungy upstairs. I guess this post will be updated more than once. […]

Another upcoming geekdinner

Yeah, please do attend, Copenhagen geeks. It’ll be interesting. July 28. The wiki page for [Geekdinner 4]( tacitly asks for ideas for places to eat. There is going to be a theme for the dinner, I think it was something about finding one’s peers, how bloggers can strike up continuous “conversations of action”. Or somesuch. […]

Ruby on Rails meetup in Copenhagen

At Reboot, I was at a Ruby on Rails session called “Railways”, hosted by Jarkko Laine. A pleasant talky session which had the ostensible goal of introducing newcomers to old hands, to generate conversation. Danish Railser [Jesper]( summed it up, and he and [Jakob Skjerning]( (“aka Mentalized”, as the Danes will say, not believing you’ll […]

Reboot8: Now done

Whew. The web-and-other-things conference [Reboot]( is over for this year. I attended, this my second year, with some notion of what to expect. Meeting people again was a hit. I got to meet Flash guy and music composer [Niko Nyman]( of Helsinki, and many other HKI folks. [Jyri Engeström]( was wearing thin-golden-rimmed glasses which made […]