Rob’s childhood food description: Future of roleplaying texts?

[Robert Paterson]( writes about [the food of his just-post-war British childhood](, in a lovely voice.

*This* is how roleplaying game texts should read.

And, at the end of it, a simple axiom for how to play.

(Is it < 800 words? Danish rpg convention Fastaval had a "daily magazine" this year, with a less-than-800-words scenario in each issue. This reduced form called for Other Techniques of cramming in 2-3 hours entertainment. Some of the techniques could be called **axiomatic**.)

Read a book (Beyond Java, by that kayaker)

This weekend I had some wonderful spare time, and I spent some of it reading [Beyond Java](, a book about the Next Language. (Spoiler: It is [Ruby](, or some cool continuations-based project – read: [Seaside]( with Smalltalk. But you knew that.) The book is chock-full of kayaking metaphors, which got so irritating they became funny.

Java’s rise to power, that was the best story in the book, for me. A history of how Java captured a whole segment of disgruntled C++ programmers, and kept them. And, how Microsoft uses a the copycat C# to capture the Java-folks to their platform. The author says the problems that Java developers have in their environment are just the same shape and size if the move to .NET. He wants a dynamic language for his next tool.

([Sam Ruby tells it best](, so read his commentary on how the languages fare in Tate’s book.)

What I’d like to tell you about is my experience in the bookshop, [Gad, at Nørreport]( (address and opening hours at the link). I complimented the clerk on their well-stockedness, especially on the fact that I was able to waltz in and buy a book I had heard buzz about. I added that I am one of those customers who buy computer books on a whim. The clerk then got a genuine smile on her face. My fiancée gave me a compliment, a thumbs-up, a well-done gesture. (All my make-the-world-a-better-place I have learnt from others. And my fiancée’s taught me a lot these last years. Thanks!)

Copenhageners, where do you buy these kinds of books on an impulse?

PS: When I registered the book at O’Reilly’s website, I was granted the possibility to copy and paste as many kayaking metaphors as I wanted, via their e-book thing, [Safari Bookshelf]( I might never exercise that right.

Denmark is Dead: Great programmer booted out of the country

My neighbour Sean Treadway today posted a sad post – he is getting kicked out of the country:

> So that’s all folks Denmark has evaluated that my contribution to the
country through my freelance work is not of significant value.

This is patently horrible. On so many levels. Sean’s one of the really great minds I have met here in Denmark. He’s contributed greatly to the local and global Open Source community, and to the local freelancer environment.

If not even this guy can start a business in Denmark, then who can? Oh, right, me: and the only thing I have got going for me is that I’m an EU citizen.

These are the ill effects of an immigration policy dictated by backwater opportunists of the bleakest kind. This is what the government’s association with Dansk Folkeparti means in practice.

It’s good to know that the Berlin-based effort [Plazes]( will have one razor-sharp mind more to refine their geo-tagging application. I have an informed hunch that Sean will like Berlin, but that’s cold comfort when I have to keep living in a country run like this.

Technical “news”: New WordPress running this blog

Yes, now I’ve gone and done it: upgraded my blog to WP2. Took me a while to think it up, but now it’s done. Took me all of 10 minutes. 10 other minutes were used to back my files and database up.

I know this for a fact since I wrote it down, and I’m writing it with a Stabilo Bionic pen, on a very nice ring-bound book. Having nice stuff to write on makes you want to write. I use A5 size for my book, which gives me ample space for custom partitions. My time-tracking list takes just 6 cm of space, but I don’t want a waiter’s notebook to track my time, I want the option to start Picasso drawings when I feel the urge to. Not that he drew a lot, but I could.

Reporting this took me 4 minutes in total.

Now I’ve gotta upgrade the other blogs. (The Ajax user interface extras in the WP2.0 look just right. The Tiger Theme has gotten a 2.0 upgrade! More upgrading. See you around.)

Blogroll: So close to an Australian word

[Dr Dave]( “I have your blog in my blogroll. In Australia, bogroll means toiletpaper.”

The reason I write this is that I was chuffed to see that my blog is in Mr Lumpley’s [Anyway]( blogroll.

I am part of the Conversation, it seems. (Perhaps I should add something to it. But hey, see above, a vulgar, Aussie slant on that horrible word – “blaahgroll”.)

Even more talk about bread

[Cissi]( in Malmö, Sweden, is also having [bread thoughts](

> […] I cut out the soft bread from my diet, I might get a nice loaf once in a while but never again in a plastic bag from one of the commercial bakeries. I just realized how much they suck. And I will start making my own sour dough, at those special occasions when I yearn for bread.

Another believer. I should put up my own sour-dough bread experiences here, as well. Eating really good bread these days.

Dropload: Send big files in email

[Dropload]( is one of those services that are needed. Badly. I think this baby could be put to some good use. Right, Dad?

This is the full text of their service description:

> Dropload is a place for you to drop your files off and have them picked up by someone else at a later time. Recipients you specify are sent an email with instructions on how to download the file. Files are removed from the system after 7 days, regardless if they have been picked up or not. You can upload any type of file, mp3, movies, docs, pdfs, up to 100MB each! Recipients can be anyone with an email address

And this is from their [About Dropload]( page:

> File limits are 100 megs. And we will, at our discretion, regulate usage. Use dropload when you need it and it will always be here for you. Abuse it and you’ll ruin it for everyone else.

Read more at [Dropload News](

OlleOlleOlle in “the news”

[Peter Rukavina]( blogs about Olleolleolle. I get credit for my lack of show-off tendencies in my web writing.

That’s right: I’m self-employed. The bread I make (to pay for the bread I *bake*) comes from my entrepreneurial efforts in “the Internet industry”.

The reception party is yet to come. (These ain’t the 90s, but a little celebration that I’ve gotten started would soon be in order.)

Well, it was nice to get noticed.

Kiva: Loans to microbusinesses in the third world

Today I read some Seth Godin, and it turns out he is a great person.

(Who’s Seth? A marketing guru. (Read more at Wikipedia.)

He explains the service Kiva, which is a “microlending system”.

> Kiva lets you connect with and loan money to unique small businesses in the developing world.

Read more about Kiva’s concept.

A list of active Kiva-funded businesses can be seen online. Take a look at the figures: ridiculously low amounts get these people started, and paying back. Yes, it’s financing. These microcompanies pay the lender back.

Some of the businesses have awesome names: Riwirok Ber – “Unity is Strength”, or God helps sound like something from Puritan England. A name like Blessings puts a tear in me eye.

And the Mot Mot piggery is a distant name-relative of my own company olleolleolle.

This is good stuff. Tell this story.